Some technical details for Serverfield Taiwan Datacenter
Let your business grow up rapidly in Taiwans largest state-of-the-art Datacenter


The location of our data center had gone through strict evaluation process on the nature catastrophe such as earthquake and flood so that the disasters risk can be avoided as much as possible. While the buildings of data centers are being constructed, the architecture of seismic-resistant design is adopted to ensure that the tolerance of seismic intensity meets level 7 or above. Also, the surroundings of the main buildings are designed with water- gate, drainage ditch and other flood preventions. In order to provide a stable and secure data center, the comprehensive environmental control system, 24-hour access control of professional safeguards and attendants are deployed.


Our data centers have dual utility feeds from Taiwan Power Company. In the data center, every system (E.g. UPS, air-conditioning) is powered by independent switchboard in order to prevent the interference among systems (in case) at power failure. We have physical separation of power lines, data cables and water pipes to ensure the safety. In the cabinet, the power of dual-loop circuit is provided by UPS system with high reliability and will be able to sustain for more than 15 minutes at power outage. Therefore, this mechanism gives the backup power system enough time to start up. The backup power system consists of diesel generators and individual large-sized oil tanks and it can sustain the operation of the data center for more than 24 hours without interruption. Our data centers have up to more than 99.999% operational availability. All the electrical and mechanical equipment adopt N+1 redundancy design, meaning all equipment have more than one backup device.


Inside the data center, we adopt the dedicated high sensible heat air-conditioning system, dual source and dual loop water cooling to ensure the hosting operation uninterrupted and to expand the lifetime of the equipment. Furthermore, to help tracking any environmental change at any time, there are the redundant chillers, cooling towers, emergent exhaust fans, water leakage and building management system in the data center.


The building material in our data center is all fireproof and all the fire-fighting equipment adopts high-standard multiple fire protection, dual detection and VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus). It is a highly sensitive smoke detecting system with air-intake and is able to effectively sense the suspicious fire in the early stage. It will immediately raise the fire alarm during the embryonic stage, which would allow more time to control the fire in an effective way.


With 80 percent market share in domestic broadband network, Chunghwa Telecom deploys several data centers for network access around Taiwan. The total network bandwidth has more than 1Tbps and IDC has the benefits of low latency and high bandwidth by building the network nodes on HiNet backbone. Therefore, IDC provides our customers the smoothest, the fastest and the most reliable bandwidth resources with enterprise private network (HiLink), domestic lease line and global submarine private cable.


All the network traffic in Serverfield Taiwan Datacenter are monitored by NOC staff on 24/7 basis.

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